I have a Collection of cherished things
Pictures and Memories - Seasons gone by
What Joy they bring

Shall I hide them forever buried in me
for no one else to see?
My Collection, uniquely me

Nancy Kelly
Penned October 17, 2003


This song is about hanging on to love. No matter how secure you are in love, there is always the risk of losing it whether by rejection, death, or indifference. When life stops in the middle of the night and you awaken to the stark realization that you are desperate for love, you embrace the fact that you can't live without it, that you need love to help you navigate through life.



When I thought that I had lost you / my heart was heavy drowning in rain

I despaired that my life without you would never see the sun again

Then you reappeared / a phantom in the mist

And everything I feared like fog began to lift

Chorus: Don’t ever leave me or forsake me

Cannot live without you take me

Won't you help me discover the way to go

When I thought that I would never be a better person without you

I despaired that I was about to end up desolate and lonely

Then you walked back in / a shadow in my dream

I awoke again / felt you here with me

Repeat Chorus.

Bridge: Cannot see Cannot breathe Cannot be without you rx2

return to chorus and end

C nancykellymusic 2004

Nancy Kelly
penned February 2004


Waking one morning after a particularly hard dark night of the soul, I was never so glad to see the sunlight. This song was born out of relief and gratitude that the world was bright and shining outside my window and it held beautiful things for me if I'd only step outside and go see.

I've learned to live in hope. Even though it takes creativity and energy to hope, it's more depleting to despair. I may as well believe good things are waiting for me outside the door rather than despair and stay captive to my chamber.

This song was originally going to be the title song for this collection because I revel in the concept so much, but Vessel rose to the top for some reason.


LYRICS: Woke up this mornin’ sunlight on my wall / A visitor that comes to call on me

Marching boldly through lacy windowsill / Announcing life is out here still

Chorus: This kind of sun makes me feel everything’s alright

This sun calls me to walk in fields of light

(2nd Chorus add):  Dares me to dance back to life -- this sun oooh …

Then I remembered the darkness of the night / Images like shadows descending on me

The lacey sunlight caught my eye once more returning hope from before

repeat chorus.

Bridge: Is beautiful / It stirs in me / Summons me to come and see

the world in light / To laugh again / challenging my darkest night

back to chorus and end.

C nancykellymusic 2004

Nancy Kelly
Penned June 2004 / Co-written with Ian Townend


Liner Notes: The idea of this song came when it dawned on me one day that as spiritual people we can somehow ignore the loveliness of everyday life being a little too 'heavenly minded and of no earthly good'. Yet, I also noticed that some folks ignore the beauty and necessity of spirituality to revel only in this world's temporal dimension. I find that I cling to both the everydayness of this earth as well as the realm of the spirit the Lord opens up for us. I'm happiest living balanced between the two.

The phrase 'feel the earth, touch the sky' I heard on Nelly Fertado's first cd. It became alive to me, got me thinking, and I took it down a different path than she did. I hope it's ok I've used it and of course want to nod in her direction since that is where I got the phrase.

Anyway, it ended up that Ian and I collaborated on writing the final version of this song which was piano driven. I took its original version into the studio, but once we looked deeper, it seemed to need a simple guitar since the piano and the melody I'd come up sounded somewhat like a YORKSHIRE BAND (according to Ian who is from Yorkshire originally)! So, we dropped the piano and Ian started playing guitar, and the entire feeling changed. We started editing words,(Ian was hacking away!) and we were both brainstorming simple phrases around the concept.

For me it was one of the highlights of making this record. It flowed like honey after we got in the groove. Simplicity itself. As we have all learned, sometimes less is more.

Ian laid down 2 guitar parts with a little beat underneathe, I sang softly without trying hard, and the rest is Two World History. When I listen to it now, it really makes me wish I was a guitar player since my voice seems to lend itself to this instrument so easily. Anyhoos, Ian was definitely a co-writer on this one. it's a far cry from a Yorkshire band wouldn't you say?



"Feel the earth touch the sky" /  much to try in the spirit in the dust / Two paths the unknown journey home / oh, the hidden mystery / more than what we feel and see

Chorus: Two worlds one life Breathe in both sides Can’t deny we’re living in two worlds

"Feel the earth touch the sky" /  in the dust God is watching over us / Two paths journey on life beyond what we feel and see

Chorus: Two worlds one life Breathe in both sides Can’t deny we’re living in two worlds 

Bridge: oh, the mystery into the unknown heav’n and earth equally living in the hope of...Two worlds... Chorus to end.

nancykellymusic C 2004

Nancy Kelly
penned October 2003


LINER NOTES:  All the waiting that takes place in a lifetime and aging, while waiting, lends value to a person like a  fermenting wine-- not that you are actually worth more older than younger; but you are certainly not worth less just because your surface is no longer shiny and new. (We are all going the same direction.)

Also, what is beneath ones' surface needs to be brought out when the time is right, so this is like a prayer for the gold to be mined.  Sometimes you can't do that all by yourself; you need help. And who better to ask for help than the one who created you in the first place?

And also, as a mother my children are like gold, so I am a vessel of gold, if for no other reason.  They are my something finer.



Smooth off the edges What do you find? Splintered and covered over in time / Beneath is a goldmine

Chorus: Come and take me, Holy Miner Unearth in me something finer Won’t you make me, O Designer into a vessel of gold

Faded from glory not much to behold / Beneath the tarnished shards of old / Lies a vessel of gold

Chorus: Come and take me, Holy Miner Unearth in me something finer Won’t you make me, O Designer into a vessel of gold

Bridge: After all that I’ve been through / You’d think I’d be broken

Instead I’m strong and new / Beautiful and useful

repeat Chorus and end

C nancykellymusic 2004

Nancy Kelly
penned June 2001


LINER NOTES:  My husband built a stone retaining wall that is the entire length of the backyard of our former Meridian house. Then he packed in wheelbarrels of dirt and planted trees. This is one of the many reasons he makes me so happy, his willingness and motivation to enhance our living space. A few other reasons are highlighted in this song. Other songs I've written for Stan mention yet more reasons. Joni Mitchell says it best in one of her songs ~ "There are so many reasons why I love him."

The vulnerability of a man may not show on the surface much. I guess what I was seeing is the fragility of life and how precious his life is to me.

I also want to note that this recording is only my voice and the piano which accentuates the intimacy of this song.



He builds me a wall like the wall of China

Reminds me of New England stony fences in the Fall

He takes me for rides in the evening in the summertime

in our convertible through the city to the countryside

Chorus: Forever man - this man of mine

Companion—man for all time

He takes care of us -  all that concerns us

as a husband a father a brother and a son

In his sacrifice and all that he provides

I hope he sees all that he wants out of this life 

Repeat Chorus.

Bridge: In the wee small hours of the morning

I can hear him breathe beside me

 He is like a child in this moment

I am so aware how vulnerable he really is

He could break or not wake up so I’ll take care of my Forever Man...

C nancykellymusic 2004


Nancy Kelly
Penned August 2, 2003


LINER NOTES:  This song draws a parallel to the steadfastness of the noble farmer who cultivates the earth, plants the seed and prepares for the coming harvest.  Like the agriculturist relies on the rain and sun to give life to the seed and soil, we wait in hope for the blessing of God upon our own type of work so that we too may enjoy the fruit of our labors.  



We have plowed the field / We have sowed the seed / Time for  the rain

Labored in the sun for what is to come / Time for the rain Time for  the rain

Chorus:  Send down rain to this thirsty land / All we need now is rain

Working in these fields / Weary from the sun / Time for the rain

We can almost taste it / We will celebrate it / Time for the rain Time for the rain

Repeat chorus. 

Bridge:  Fun has just begun / Harvest time will come

We are waiting here for the rain to come pour down on us

Repeat chorus.

Tag:  All we need now is rain Send down rain to this thirsty land  All we need now is rain...

NancyKellyMusic C 2004 

Nancy Kelly
Penned in 1977


LINER NOTES:  The music to this song began in a piano practice room in the music building at BSU when I was a student there. (I was supposed to be practicing a classical piece by Franz Liszt and was making mistakes. so I got a little distracted...) The idea for the lyric came to me a few years earlier when our family lived in Klamath Falls Oregon.  I  was a sophmore in high school and while walking home from school one day, there was something in the breeze and how it played with the autumn leaves that felt like a voice whisper.  Sometimes it feels like God is speaking to me in subtle nuances.  but if I tell that to others, it sounds a bit presumptuous . Of course, that kind of God speak can happen for anyone who wants to hear. 



You whisper in my heart so clearly

I hear the breeze of your voice speaking dearly

The gentleness of You floats downward to me

like Autumn leaves lightly drift groundward

I can see Your love in the changing of colors once

Summer green turned to Autumn’s sweet red wine

There was a time the frost kept stalling

yet I could hear the Springtime of You faintly calling

When I met You my heart softly melted

like a Winter’s pond melts in the new Spring

now I can sing...

I can see Your love in the changing of colors

once Summer green turned to Autumn’s Sweet red wine

lei dei dei dei...

C nancykellymusic 2004

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