I have a Collection of cherished things
Pictures and Memories - Seasons gone by
What Joy they bring

Shall I hide them forever buried in me
for no one else to see?
My Collection, uniquely me




My Christmas Music

My Christmas Music - A Quick Story!

I am one of those people who secretly pull up my Christmas music playlists in October. At first it's just instrumental guitar and jazz piano favorites softly in the background, but not fully taking over yet. By November I'm adding the songs with lyrics like "Christmas Times A'Comin'" and "It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas". This year I actually created a playlist with just those kinds of anticipation songs in mind. Then after Thanksgiving I will pull out all the songs of the season about the Advent of Christ or Jolly Old Saint Nick, depending on the mood! I love it all!

That doesn't mean I condone the frenetic commercialism assailing us in every store or from the Ads on TV. I'm at least choosy enough to weed out the hype.  What I like are the songs that create an atmosphere that recall to mind what matters most as the season and its celebrations commence. Songs of love, family, friendship and faith.

This is probably why a new original holiday song ends up inside my head each winter. When I'm practicing some of the old standards, or some that I've written in years gone by, the creativity kicks in and I find myself playing around with a lyric and melody from an idea that inspires me.

When I had enough songs for a collection, "A Christmas Dream" was born. 6 originals - 2 hymn types - 2 from old holiday movies. The title song is a tribute to a childhood memory of our oldest brother Terry teaching us to ski on a back road in Maine. Because Terry passed away in 2005 the song was created in his memory. The CD itself is dedicated to our parents who always managed to make the holidays a magic time for us no matter where we lived as a military family. We moved a lot but we were always together!

So when I'm listening to some of my old favorites around this time, I'm reminded that I too have holiday songs to add to the rotation. You can hear the playlist of "A Christmas Dream" here on my website from a playlist made on YouTube - just click the "Christmas Dream YouTube" tab up at the top right of the page. Or you can just turn on my Music Player and listen to a few of the songs there.  If you'd like to add some of these numbers to your Christmas playlist, click on the picture of the album in the column to your right and it will take you to CD Baby where you can purchase per song or the full CD. 

Have a music-filled, joyful and meaningful Christmas Season! Love always, Nancy


Vessel of Gold

This is video to the title song of my Vessel of Gold project. It was actually my producer's experiment since he was trying out his then new video camera. It was shot on a plateau called Tablerock which is above the city of Boise.

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