I have a Collection of cherished things
Pictures and Memories - Seasons gone by
What Joy they bring

Shall I hide them forever buried in me
for no one else to see?
My Collection, uniquely me


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Hi, I represent singer/songwriter Dan Coyle. Dan recently finished a successful year-long European tour and is back in the U.S. to promote his new album "From Prague To Paris". I have set him up a show at Woody's for April 28th and would like to add some local acts to the lineup. I think you would be a great fit for the night, if you're available. If you're interested, please let me know what your expected draw would be at such a location, entrance for the night is free, so no one will have to pay a cover to get in. If everything looks good I will send you all the details. Thanks so much, hope to talk to you soon. Best, Drew Carson Dan Coyle Booking Representative Parachuting Buddha Records
Looks great Nancy! Keep it up and hope I get to hear you sometime soon!
The website looks fabulous Aunt Nancy. Hugs and kisses to you all!!!!
As usual you are on the cutting edge. This is the best work you've done yet in revealing your true artist. Your words to music are as important as your heart and soul because that is where they are from. The world needs all you have to say so keep writing and singing and showing the luv that is in you set to music.
Hi Nanc, great new site. I welcome your endless creative gifts of the heart. Much love and see you soon. Love, Linds
Hi I am with the Riverside Hot Springs Inn and I'm interested in booking you to play at our hotel/restaurant. If you are interested please email me or call me at 208.241.2728 or 480.370.1790. I hope to hear from you soon.
Found your web site on the web. Loved your songs and your style. I enjoyed reading your musical history. Tell everyone hello for me in Idaho. God bless, Dennis G. Kelly
Hello Nancy, It was so nice to come and hear you play your Christmas music at Moon's. It made me realize Christmas will be here before I know it. It was also such a blessing to meet your family and partcipate in the celebration of Suzanne's birthday. You and your family made my day. Much love, Melissa
Dearest Daughter-- I love your new site-- The Lord has given you so many gifts of creativity that you are sharing with others-- Thank you for being you, and inspiring my heart--- God bless your life beyond measure--- Love you lots, Mother
hi - I sent you a message on myspace, but wondering if you would be interested in playing for us at Light on the Mountains Center for Spiritual Living. email me or give me a call - 208-720-0697 Thanks, Marty Bacher
It is so wonderful to hear your voice once again! You are so refreshing & your style so pleasing!! love you lots girl!!!
Thanks Sharon - I agree with your point! (Those of us who were encouraged by clergy to pray for our country's leaders during past adminstrations are now finding it odd that those particular voices are strangely silent now - don't democrats need prayer too?) My Twitter yesterday was spurred on by the issues stirred up about our President addressing the school children of the land. I feel the strife was motivated by (unfounded) parental fear or opportunistic manipulation from the extreme Right Wing. Regardless, the children have a right to hear from their President - even former First Lady Laura Bush agrees that there was nothing in the speech to be concerned about.
Great comment on twitter today! Twitterific --you have a voice and opinion and its great to share. Since when did it go out of style to commend, respect and pray for our leaders no matter who they may be. Seems a bit hypocritical to suddenly now want to get off the ship!
Hi Nancy, Chad Dryden with Bandwagon PR, David Hale and the Linen Building is one of my clients. I help him organize music for the Linen Building Sunday Market and remembered that you expressed an interest in playing the market sometime. Would you be willing and able to provide background music for us on Aug. 16? Here's the rundown: The market runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. There's no PA system, so if you want one you have to bring your own, though you could get away with not using one. It's more about having the music there as a point of interest amongst all the other activities, as well as giving the space some background music for an overall good vibe. You should fit in well. The musicians who have played the Sunday Market are averaging about $75 in tips and also selling some CDs. You're welcome to promote yourself and sell any merch (and we will include your name in press releases and the Linen Building newsletter). You play the entire five hours will breaks as needed. My contact info is below. Looking forward to hearing from you. Chad Dryden Bandwagon PR 208.284.0355
Hello Nancy, It seems so long ago when I bought your first album, looks like you are doing well! Love and miss you guys so much.
Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !
Hi, Nancy, I'm contacting you about Art & Roses. We will be in Julia Davis Park on Sunday, June 7. I would love to have you sing again. We are changing our schedule around and wonder if you could fill the 12 noon to 2 pm time slot. Look forward to hearing from you . Susan Kirsch 938-5741
Hi, Nancy! Andy had me stop by to see your photos of Hans York... he just did a gig here at a wonderful little place called the Cafe Bellissimo. What an amazing talent... I could have listened to him all night! ;) Hope all is well with you, and thanks for the great photos! Lots of Love, Jodie
Super cool venue! Can't wait to see you play there again soon--esp. when there is no snow! The dulcimer is a great accent to your eclectic new sound. Way to book your calendar. Onto the east coast soon!
hello Nancy, It was so nice to come across your blog. It has been years since we have heard from you and Stan. The pictures are great of you and your family. Ashley looks so much like you. Even though we haven't seen Ben for years we could have spot him out of a crowd with his smile. Keep singing girl it is so great. God's blessings, Ann
Hi Nancy! Long time no see. Couldn't find your phone number in the book so looked you up on the web. Nice site-I'm coming to your gig on the 28th. Need to talk w/you about getting together. Please email me. Thanks.
Hi Nancy- some nice music here - please email an update on the new songs when you've got 'em ready!
Hey Nancy, I love all the new pictures! I do not know when you put the friends and family ones on there but I stumbled across them and they have been fun to look at. It is like I get to meet your family without actually meeting them. LOL! I will probably send you a myspace message as there have been lot of changes recently with what I am up to so I will have to catch you up. I hope to see you soon. Take care!
Hi Nancy! I somehow lost our email address. Hey, I am putting together a 50th birthday party for my sister, Brenda. I would like your address so I can send an invite. If you can, please set aside the 30th, Sat evening, to stop by. Details will be in the invite! Will be great to see you!
I enjoyed your stories about how you discovered your love of music. You are a true artist. Your have a way with words that communicates your love for God and people through your music.
Cute hat! You look great!
Heard you play at the Cherry Festival and had to come check out your web. Have you ever thought about taking your music on the road -- like with other indie folk musicians? Believe it or not, there are lots of venues that give the platform to folk musicians like yourself. and you are folkier live than on your records, by the way. Next time you record you should capture that feel -- even though you play keys and have a bit of a jazz thing going, that folkie thing is really going on with your voice and songwriting... Anyway, email me, and I'll give you some venues in the SW to try for. I know a good thing when I heard it and I think foks need to hear your music. Travis
really great songs and love your website! hope you are recording again soon :-)
Nice music Nancy! I was just checking out the Idaho artist website to see if it is a site I would like to link to and ended up on your website. I just published a site through Host Baby myself and am looking for ways to get the site out there and maybe drum up a few more gigs. Your site looks good and your music is great! Hope to catch your live show sometime when I am in Boise. Dave Muscavage
Hi Girl, just read your lost pictures missive. Glad to know that all is not lost. I think your friend was right about believing in the beauty of the beautiful and not trying too hard. Be well and see you on Christmas.
It has been a long while since I've seen you... I found your web site once again ... it is looking great. God Bless you all! Heidi Hafner
Hi Nancy, Stan gave me your website address so here I am! I loved your bio page and the photos!! We are in the process of moving (as you know!) but as soon as we're somewhat settled we want to take you and Stan out for dinner. Stan has been an angel in disguise, making our new older place a palace. We will always see his handiwork throughout! What a gift he has. I know you're anxious to get him working on YOUR house as well so we'll "release" him soon (smile). We've seen Ben at CCC as he's grown into a very handsome young man. But I hadn't seen Ashley in a long time and she has grown into a miniature Nancy. How she favors you!!! Can't wait to see you!! Stop by if you're in the neighborhood. Otherwise, we'll do a formal invite soon. Love you, Shirley
Hi there cousin! I dropped by the site to see what you've been up to lately. Nice. I've been thinking of you, your family, and your mom and dad. Please give my warmest regards to everyone.
Thanks for sharing your music and as in the olden days, "Hangin your shingle out" so we can all share in your "Vessel of Gold". You lifted up my day.
Dear Nancy: Thank you so much for the very sweet comment. You have a beautiful angelic voice and uplifting songs. Blessings, Laurie
You sounded great at the Harvest Festiva in Emmet- and the crowd loved you! On to your next out of town gigs from you favorite roadie. Sharon
Just stopping by to say hi and that i love your music :-)
Just wanted to wish you happy birthday! I've been thinking about you a lot lately and praying God's best for you! Brenda
I love all your new pictures of your house and family and most recent gig at the farmer's market. Visiting your website is like going on an enjoyable adventure! It's great to preview your new work as well! You surely shine!!! Love, Lynn
Hey Nancy! Great websites! Enjoyed all the pics! You go girl!! Love ya
nancy, your music is great! Just what I needed right now in my fast paced life. Keep up the good work! Blessings, Hauns Titus 2:11-13
I have been cruising your website! Even though I have all of your cds, I have been listening to some of the music on line. Fun! Yip, a true artist...Like I said at the last gig, "You are going places, girl!" You have been amazing to watch and you have not let any obstacles keep you from your goals, the true heart of an artist. I play your Christmas cd in my massage studio at Pure Tranquility. My clients love it! So soothing and delightful. Adds to the spirit of Christmas a relaxing ambience. Evergreen is a classic - one of my favorites but all are richly blessed with creative music and stories that flow from a committed heart to God for every age and gender. By the way, what private party on Dec. 9th??? You'll have to tell me all about it. Love ya! Vonnie Carson, CMT Relaxation, Health & Healing Therapeutic Massage LLC
Love the lyrics of CHRISTMAS CARDS! Wish I could be there for some of your gigs. I need a private jet! How proud Grammie & Grandpa Lester would be if they could see and hear what you have done with your musical talents! And I am proud to be your aunt! Love you lots ~ Aunt Kay Hugs & Love ~ Aunt Kay
I like your newly updated website... Hope all goes well this weekend! I love you see you when i get back from out of town. -ashley
Missing you! It always happens that your performances are on days we are previously committed otherwise we would be there. :)
We enjoy your music!Keep it comming! Gary and Roxanne
Hi Nancy, Loved looking at your website today. I so admire your commitment to your music as your gift. Keep doing what you're doing. I love you lots, Linda
Great New Look --keep up the creative work and license you have worked so hard to achieve. Here's to new doors opening internationally!
Dear Nancy, Just learned of your web site! Loved listening to your original songs (beautiful), viewing the photos and reading your bio, all of which was so interesting. I look forward to seeing you perform in person again. The last time was at the Cherry Festival in Emmett, years ago. God bless you. Love, Willetta
Hey Nancy! I found you on myspace. great website! hmmmm. Are yu ever coming out to PA?
got to hear you play last night at villano's. great songs. hope to hear you more around town.
Wow, there's more to this than I ever knew! I'm very impressed, and look forward to bragging about knowing that big musician personally! Tell the family I said HI and God bless!
Hi Nancy! Your website is wonderful - very tasteful, yet warm and friendly- just like you!! It is so neat to see how the Lord is expanding your borders musically. May He continue to bless you and your family abundantly in all of your pursuits. Love, Catherine
Hello, Hey awesome website! I loved all the pics, I am looking forward to listening to some music in awhile. Love ya Alisa
Way to go, keep seeking His face and blessing the rest of us with your reflection of His peace and joy!! We must see you soon! --Brad
Hi Nancy Kelly! Jame' told me about your site and showed me her beauitful picture! I love the site and miss talking to you looks like the Lord really is doing amazing things! I'm so happy for you. Have a blessed day! Janet Jemes
Hey Baby! Looks great!! :)
Way to go girl. A beautiful website with an inspiring feel. All the best in your endeavors.
Fabulous website. You are becoming more and more cool with every passing moment. I join Dave and Ashley in being a very proud family member!!!
Hey Sis!! Who would have ever thought that I would be sitting at a PC looking @ your website and listening to your beautiful music. Pretty cool. By the way....don't tell anyone, I'm proud of you and your musical accomplishments. Your bro, Dave
I like your website . It is well done (simple yet classy). Nice way to keep in touch with you. Keep on smiling . I love you, Biba
Enjoyed all of the Destinations ~ very impressive! Wish I could be at your concert. Hope you have a full house and lots of fun! Love you ~ Aunt Kay
Love it! I played "You" while I read your bio and looked at the fabulous photos! Hey, I'm on your website too! Very cool to be photographed with such a talented gal as you! Love you! --p.
i love am so proud to call you mom! i like to show you off to my friends, it's fun. A small group of us are going to come to see you play at Lucy's. Talk to you soon (Benji says hello) - ash
Hi there, just stopping by to see the beautiful web site, Ilove it and know it will fulfill more good things in getting the word out there on your music. I love the colors very soft and classy and the picture looks great! It will lead to good things I'm sure ---your wordy friend! som

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